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The purpose of this web site is to help, in a small way, with the problems of researching family history at a distance from the area where your ancestors lived. There is special emphasis on the UK counties of Somerset (SOM) and Devon (DEV) because that is where my own origins are. The following custom search is limited to this web site and the Somerset and Devon parts of the GenUKI web site.


One of the ways that progress can be made on researching a family history is to try to find others researching the same line. This would enable research to be shared. So, one of my pages, the Surname Interests page, will enable a visitor to compare what he or she knows with my family tree to see if we have ancestors in common. There is also information about certain families and places in my Photo Album.

Indexed Parish Register Transcriptions

Transcriptions click to go to the Transcriptions page have been made of a number of registers for parishes between Taunton, Somerset and the Devon border plus a few others, including Upottery Devon. They can all be examined on-line. The transcriptions are of all the surnames between the stated dates, i.e. they are not just extracts. There are some limitations and points to remember about the transcriptions.

The few parish directories, that have been prepared, sorted in alphabetical order of surname, can be located by following the parish links for transcriptions.

Taunton St Mary Monumental Inscriptions taken from James Savage's History of Taunton, Somerset published in 1822.

The Somerset County War Memorial is a leather-bound book entitled the Somerset County War Memorial which I purchased in a second-hand bookshop in Bath, Somerset, in 1972. It is an alphabetical index, by surname, to the Somerset Book of Honour in Wells Cathedral. This contains the names of the men of Somerset, and those serving in Somerset Regiments, who fell in the 1914-1918 war. The contents have been scanned into a text file which is made available for downloading as a compressed text file containing the full list of The Names of the Fallen. Download Zip file(133K)

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