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Henry Clay Will


The Will of Henry Clay

From The Times 20 February 1874 (http://archive.timesonline.co.uk/tol/archive/)
"The will, dated January 22, 1863, of Henry Clay, late of Piercefield-park, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, who died on the 4th ult., was proved on the 13th inst. by Henry Clay and Charles John Clay, the acting executors, the personal estate being sworn under 80,000l. The testator gives to his wife, Mrs Elizabeth Clay, all his household furniture, plate, horses, and carriages, and Piercefield-house, with such land thereto as she may select, not exceeding 20 acres for life; subject thereto he devises all his real estate in the counties of Monmouth and Gloucester to his son the said Henry Clay, and all his real estate in the counties of Derby and Stafford to his son the said Charles John Clay. Testator also gives the residue of his personalty to his wife for life; at her death 10,000l. is settled upon each of his two daughters, and the remainder is given to his said two sons. The deceased states that it is not from any want of love to him that he has not left his other son, Joseph Spenden Clay, anything, but that he is possessed of considerable property, and had requested him, out of kindness to his brothers and sisters, not to do so."
NOTE: The Deaths column of  The Times dated 22 April 1887  reported that "On the 15th Inst, at Piercefield Park, Chepstow, Elizabeth, widow of Henry Clay, Esq. aged 87" had died.

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