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Isaac Parkhouse's Description List CON 18/3


NAME: Parkhouse, Isaac
Trade: Carter & Groom
Height (without shoes): 5ft 4 ins
Age: 22                                                            Bath
Complexion: Fair
Head: Small
Hair:         } Brown
Whiskers: }
Visage: Small
Forehead: Low
Eyebrows: Brown
Eyes: Lt Grey
Nose: M L [medium length]
Mouth: Small
Chin: Small
Remarks[distinguishing features such as tattoos, scars, and moles]: H. W. E. W. R. B.
Anchor ins Rt arm D.P.
M. P. J. P. A. S. ins left arm
 Ring pricked piercing third fins ea hand [written at right angles to rest of text] 

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