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Devonshire Wills


Devonshire Wills and Administrations in the Principal Registry of the Bishop of Exeter (Bristol Reference Library)

Surname: BASS

Thome Withecombe Rawleigh 1585 ct text available
Thomas Kennerley 1572 w  
John Lympstone 1582 ct  
John Crediton 1592 w  
John   1593 t.  
Elizabeth Chittlehampton 1606 a  
William Limstone 1610 t.  
Ursula Withecombrawleigh 1610 t.  
John Lympstone 1635 w  
John Combintinhead 1636 a  
Charles Alphington 1643 a  
Edward Withecombe Rawleight 1645 w  
Margaret Alphington 1646 ct  
Edward Withecombe Rawleigh 1649 w  
Nicholas Tiverton 1661 a  
William Lympstone 1661 a  
George Withecombe Rawleigh 1671 a  
Daniel St Sidwell Exeter 1680 w  
John Exeter 1684 w  
William Lympstone 1687 a  
Robert Exeter 1689 w  
Dorothy Lympstone 1690 w  
Thomas St Thomas 1696 a  
Richard Lympstone 1698 w  
Thomas Exeter 1707 w  
John Exeter 1707 a  
Agnes Exeter 1717 a  
Samuel Withecomb Rawley 1718 w  
Joseph Exeter 1720 w  
Robert Exeter 1723 a  
Joane Lympstone 1726 w  
Grace Exeter 1729 a  
William Down St Mary 1738    
Abraham Withecombe Rawleigh 1742 a  
John Lympstone 1762 w  
William Exeter 1766 a  
Margaret Exeter 1770 w  
William Lympstone 1770 a  
Joseph Exeter 1780 w  
Rebecca Lympstone 1784 w  
Thomas West Teignmouth 1788 a  
Samuel Lympstone 1796 w  
Anne Lympstone 1796 w  

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