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Cardiff Places


40 Elm Street and Porthkerry

William James and Alice Jane Bass lived at 40 Elm Street, Roath, Cardiff from about 1912 until 1953. Despite his disability - he had a tuberculous left hip joint which made his left leg shorter and caused him pain - he carried on a business as a light haulier. He started with a horse and cart, later he had a Ford Model T lorry. The property had a rear entrance on to Elm Street Lane. Perhaps a third of the garden length was taken up by a two storey building which provided a stable, later a garage, with a workshop above.

40 Elm St

A view of the front of 40 Elm Street, Roath Cardiff taken in 1999.

Location on Google Earth
back entrance

The rear view of 40 Elm St, showing the door that I watched my grandfather install in the 1940s. I still have a key to the wicket door somewhere.

back entrance

The rear view of 40 Elm St after the former stable/garage buildings had been demolished.

Elm St Lane

A view of Elm Street Lane taken in 2016. There is new building on the right.


W.J. Bass "billhead"


Porthkerry House from the pebbly beach taken in the 1970s. William Bass's friend, Johnnie Rich, allowed him to camp in the grounds of Porthkerry House in the 1930s. Our tent used to be pitched on a flat area just in front of the house. I remember, as a child in the 1930s, sheltering in the empty house during a storm, watching the lightning over the Bristol Channel.

Porthkerry House

Porthkerry beach looking towards Porthkerry House, which can just been seen in the trees at the top of the picture.


Porthkerry beach looking towards Cold Knap Point and Barry. This photo was taken in the 1970s.

Golden Steps

Golden Steps between Porthkerry and Barry. Photo: pre WWII

Ford Model T Lorry

This is what a (restored) Ford Model T lorry looks like. The cab should have oval side windows to my recollection, and the windscreen was split in the middle, horizontally, and could be rotated.

Sale of Porthkerry House

Auction of Porthkerry House from The Times 16 May 1928

Porthkerry House location in Google Earth

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