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(transcribed by Tanya Melhuish)

13/05/1813 John Murless=Sarah Trump(presence of Issac Betty and George Jeffery)
20/04/1814 Thomas Spiller=Honor Dalley of Curland (presence of Henry Bale and Issac Betty)
20/12/1816 James Lenthall of Pitminster=Charlotte Coleman (presence of John Gibbons and Issac Betty)
04/02/1817 Thomas Coleman=Anne Spiller (presence of Issac Betty and Ann Betty)
13/03/1818 Amos Newton=Ann Rowsell (presence Bartholmew Cousens and Betsy Cozens)
08/02/1819 Robert Allen=Ann Murley (presence of John Gillert and Issac Betty)
09/02/1819 Samuel Hucker of Buckland St Mary=Rachel Spiller of Yarcombe (presence of Thomas Spiller and Issac Betty)
25/10/1820 Thomas Harris?=Pricillia Salway (presence of Simon Salway and Ann ?)
07/11/1820 John Hill=Ann Hucker (presence of Robert Cridge and Issac Betty)
11/05/1824 John Bunt of Curry Mallet=Mary Yard
03/06/1824 John Hawkins=Harriet Coleman
19/09/1825 Mathew Flood a Widower=Jane Coleman
16/07/1826 Joseph Collins of Sherbourne Dorset=Betty Burrough (presence of George Burrough and Issac Betty)
03/12/1827 John Verrier=Mary Jewell (presence of Issac Betty and ? Coles)
20/03/1828 Samuel Humphrey of Isle Abbott=Eliza Grabham (presence of Edward Humphrey and Sarah Grabham)
13/11/1828 William Trump=Meria Jewell (presence of Charles Wall and Issac Betty)
04/03/1830 George Burrough=Louisa Crabb (presence of Abraham and Mary Crabb)
27/04/1830 John Brice=Eliza Slade (presence of John Slade and Mary Bussell)
28/09/1830 John Verrier a Widower=Elizabeth Gulliford a Widow
29/03/1831 Thomas Dimont=Anne George
20/09/1832 Issac ?=Sarah?
27/11/1832 Charles Wall=Ann Jewell (presence of Thomas Jewell and Amos Newton)
08/01/1833 Abednego Pike/Dike?=Eliza Adams (presence of Gabriel Adams and Amos Newton)
24/09/1833 John Manning=Mary Jewell (presence of Gabriel Adams and Amos Newton)
26/12/1833 Phillip Hucker=Mary Summerhayes (presence of Amos Newton and ?)
19/05/1835 John Jewell=Rebecca Dikes (presence of Daniel Dicks and Amos Newton)
21/05/1835 Henry Denham=Martha Jewell
03/05/1836 Henry Head?=Elizabeth Yard (presence of Samuel Yard and Amos Newton)
15/11/1836 Samuel Yard=Sarah Coleman (presence of John Burt? and William Newton)
29/11/1836 William Rice?=Sarah Ann Trump (presence of Eli Trump and Jemima Cozens)
19/09/1837 Levi Harris s/o Thomas=Eliza Burnard? d/o Robert
03/04/1837 Richard Stone? s/o John=Mary Ann Woodman d/o John
15/09/1839 Samuel Cozens s/o Robert=Pricillia Gange d/o William
26/12/1839 John Dicks s/o William=Hannah Grabham d/o Thomas (presence of James Dicks and William Newton)
09/04/1840 Robert Dimont of Combe St Nicholas s/o Thomas=Eliza Gange d/o William (presence of Pricillia Cozens and Samuel Cozens)
04/05/1840 John Gange s/o William=Ann Eliza Wilmot Cozens d/o Daniel
02/12/1841 Robert Jewell age 20 s/o Thomas=Ann Grimstead d/o James
25/12/1841 George Parker? s/o Richard= Ann Newton a Widow d/o------------
28/12/1841 James Adams s/o Gabriel=Mary Hake d/o James(presence of Jacob Musgrave and James Hake)
26/04/1846 Jacob Channing of Thurlbear s/o Thomas=Emma Jewell d/o Joseph
14/05/1846 John Salter s/o Job=Sarah Jewell age 20 d/o Thomas
22/12/1846 James Bale s/o Henry=Ann Gillert d/o John
13/04/1847 Noah Adams s/o Gabriel=Eliza Trump d/o Henry
31/08/1847 Benjamin Taylor of Gloucester s/o John=Jane Elizabeth Cozens d/o Daniel
27/01/1848 John Martify Standwick s/o John=Susan Sawyer d/o James
18/05/1848 Worthy Adams s/o Gabriel=Charlotte Batten d/o James
13/07/1848 Peter Snook? s/o Peter=Harriet White? d/o Thomas
25/12/1848 Richard Alford of Donyatt s/o John=Sarah Verrier d/o John
24/01/1849 John Jackson of York s/o George=Mary Wilmot Cozens d/o Daniel
01/04/1850 James Standerwick s/o John=Jane Osmond d/o John
23/09/1851 William Hare s/o Robert=Sarah Newberry Goffe? d/o John

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