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Rules for the Thurlbear Ringers

  1. The Ringers are to be Six in number; and one is to be the Captain, who is to keep order, and report any misconduct to the Clergyman.
  2. Each Ringer to receive not less than fifteen shillings a year, to be paid at the end of the year.
  3. Any sums of money received by the Ringers are to be paid to the Clergyman; and if more should be received than fifteen shillings each, the Ringers are to receive the addition.
  4. The bells are to be chimed before every service on Sunday, Ascension Day, and Christmas Day; and one bell rung before every service on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.
  5. A bell to be rung at 8 o’clock, A.M., on Sundays, Ash Wednesday, and Good Friday.
  6. A peal to be rung at 8 o’clock, A.M., on Easter Day, Ascension Day, Christmas Day, after the Evening service on Sundays, after Weddings, and after a Death; and before and after Funerals, when the friends of the deceased so desire it, according to the Canon.


Extract from the 67th Canon:

"When any is passing out of this life, a bell shall be tolled, and the Minister shall not then slack to do his last duty. And after the party’s death, if it so fall out, there shall be rung no more than one short peal, and one other before the burial, and one other after burial."

  1. The Ringers are to be present to ring on the afternoon of the School Festival day, and on any proper occasion of parish rejoicing, to be determined by the Clergyman and Churchwardens.


Extract from the 88th Canon:

"The Churchwardens shall not suffer the bells to be rung superstitiously upon Holy days or Eves abr……d by the Book of Common Prayer, nor at any other time, without good cause to be allowed by the ……ter of the place and by themselves."

  1. No irreverent conduct, wearing hats, bad conversation, or drinking, or smoking to be allowed in the Belfry or Church.
  2. Any negligence of duty or misconduct to be reported to the Clergyman, who will admonish the offending person, and after a second fault, if necessary, dismiss him.
  3. The Ringers are never to ring for a Service, and leave the Church without taking part in the Service.


Frederick Clarke, Printer, Taunton

Transcribed from Somerset Record & Archive Service fiche M2761/1 D/P/thurl 2/1/3

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